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Skylight Repair

Repairing the Broken and Leaking Skylights in Your St. Charles Home

Skylight Repair
The roof of your home provides protection against cold temperatures and precipitation, but it also prevents the sun’s natural light from entering. For homeowners who wish to enjoy the warmth of sunlight, skylights allow solar rays to stream in and deliver ambient lighting. While these transparent panels are beautiful, they can also be a headache if they’re broken or leaky. Bi-State Window & Door Inc. is here to ease your worries of leaks and keep the sun safely shining into your home. We’ve been working with residents of St. Charles and surrounding areas for more than 25 years.

Inspecting and Then Completely Fixing Problems

If you’re experiencing a problem with moisture entering your house through the ceiling, the first step in skylight repair is an inspection of the area to see if the panel is actually breaking down. In many situations, the water is caused by condensation that gathers on the underside of a fully functional pane. Other causes of the issue could be improper flashing in the skylight’s immediate vicinity, which creates an incomplete barrier against the elements. It might make sense to fix the problem in some situations, but deteriorating skylights will eventually need to be replaced in a process that’s similar to standard window installation.

Contact Us in St. Louis, St. Charles and Surrounding Areas

When leaking skylights allow moisture and outside air into your home, call the specialists at Bi-State Window & Door Inc. to fix the problem before it gets worse. We’ll give you a free inspection and estimate, and repair the issue as fast as possible. Whether you live in St. Louis or surrounding areas like St. Charles, our experienced technicians are ready to respond to any situation. To speak with a member of our staff or find out about our other glass repair services, contact us today at 636-441-3200.

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