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Hinge Adjustments

Providing Adjustments for Your Home’s Windows and Doors in St. Charles

hinge repair
Your home’s windows might seem like simple building components, but they require precise alignment to function properly. If a hinge is out of place or a latch doesn’t pull things completely closed to form a seal, you could be losing a lot of money to wasted energy during the summer and winter. When a nasty draft makes your utility bills shoot skyward, you need an experienced window hinge adjustment service to fix the problem. For more than two decades, St. Charles homeowners have trusted the experts at Bi-State Window & Door Inc. to resolve a variety of issues. We’ll come out to inspect your home and repair any misaligned panes we discover.
Windows aren’t the only things that depend on proper alignment for optimal functionality, as a malfunctioning door hinge is just as wasteful. Not only can your expensive heating and air conditioning leak outside, insects and other pests can find their way in through the crevices created by misaligned doors. The openings formed by improperly aligned hinges could also create a security issue, potentially allowing a thief to use the extra space to wedge a pry bar into the frame. Our experienced technicians will help by fixing alignment, repairing handles and addressing any other issues.

Improve Functionality to Save Money in St. Louis, St. Charles and Surrounding Areas

If you’re having problems with your home’s hinges, turn to the professional staff at Bi-State Window & Door Inc. to set up an appointment for precision repair service in St. Charles, St. Louis and surrounding areas. Your house provides shelter for your entire family, so why would you let misaligned windows and doors compromise your safety, security and comfort? Whether you want a free evaluation of your situation or you simply need information about glass replacement or any of our other services, call us today at 336-441-3200.

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