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September Blog Post

Aluminum Versus Vinyl Windows

It's time to replace your home's windows, and while you want your new windows to be attractive, you don't have a lot of money to spend. You've looked into both vinyl and aluminum windows and find them to be your cheapest options.
Compare costs, durability, longevity, and attractive features of both aluminum and vinyl windows to see which material is best for your needs. Your window installation specialist will assist you in choosing the best type of window for your home.


Both aluminum and vinyl windows are cost-effective window solutions for your home.
Aluminum windows start at around $400 to install, including glass (although higher-end aluminum framing can cost upwards of $650). This relatively low price maximizes your investment and allows you to replace more windows at once.
Vinyl windows are also very cost-effective, starting at around $450 to install per window. Prices vary depending on whether you choose single- or double-pane glass and if you want custom vinyl colors for your window framing.


Both vinyl and aluminum windows are durable, but each has drawbacks as well.
Aluminum won't rust or warp with moisture damage, making this type of window installation a plus. The material is also one of the strongest used in window installations because the metal is resistant to high heat or weather-related damage. Still, like most metals, aluminum windows can corrode over time.
While durable, vinyl is still susceptible to cracks, chips, and even warping under the sun's high heat. Choose aluminum over vinyl if you live in a very hot climate.


You want to protect your window installation investment for as long as possible. See how long you will expect your vinyl or aluminum windows to last before they need replacement.
A major perk of aluminum windows is their longevity: aluminum windows can last upwards of four decades. Protect your aluminum windows from corrosion by wiping away moisture or placing a rubber seal barrier inside your windows to keep moisture at bay.
Vinyl windows are also known for their longevity but only last up to three decades or so. You can make vinyl windows last longer by tinting your home's windows. The window tine helps keep heat from the sun from damaging the flexible material.


If attraction and versatility are what you are after, both aluminum and vinyl styles will not disappoint.
Aluminum windows are available in a wide variety of colors. The material is also incredibly versatile and can be stamped or textured to resemble wood or other materials and give your home added curb appeal. As a bonus, you can paint over your aluminum window frames if you want to upgrade your windows again down the line.
Vinyl windows do come in a variety of basic or custom hues but cannot be painted once they are applied. Still, vinyl windows offer a streamlined, beautiful appeal that improves the look of your home both inside and out. Custom vinyl windows can be textured to resemble wood if you desire.
With both vinyl and aluminum windows, certain maintenance is required to make the windows last as long as possible. Keep dirt and other debris away from your windows (you can power wash your windows' exteriors) and make sure any sealants are intact by checking your window frames periodically. Any moisture or condensation in your windows should be brought to the attention of your window installation specialist.
No matter what type of windows you choose to have installed in your home, always have the work done by a professional window and door installation specialist. Our team of specialists at Bi-State Window & Door Inc will assist you in choosing the best windows for your home; call us today to schedule a consultation.

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