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September Blog Post

3 Good Reasons to Upgrade Older Windows

Two types of people exist in the world: those who love tackling home improvement projects, and those who shudder at the very idea. Yet certain upgrades bring such undeniable benefits that everybody should strongly consider them. One such project involves replacing older windows with contemporary upgrades.
Investing in new windows will pay dividends in a number of ways, thanks to some key breakthroughs in the ways that windows are designed and manufactured today. If you would like to learn more about what new windows can do for you, read on. This article will outline three key reasons to make this your next home upgrade project.

1. Less Maintenance

The older your windows, the more needy they will be in terms of maintenance. That's because most older windows have wooden frames. While wooden frames may strike you as charming, they can be quite susceptible to moisture-related problems as time goes on. To prevent things like mold and rot from destroying a wooden window frame, the frame will need to be carefully inspected and resealed on at least a yearly basis.
When you multiply the time it takes to complete such a chore by all of the windows in your home, you'll start to realize just how much work wooden window frames involve. For that reason, many homeowners opt to upgrade to lower maintenance window frames. Aluminum frames are a popular choice, since they are virtually invulnerable to the problems facing wooden windows.
Yet aluminum tends to conduct heat and cold quite easily, meaning it may not be the best material for those who live in regions with extreme climates. In that case, vinyl is a much better choice. Like wood, vinyl will do an excellent job of providing insulation. Yet, like aluminum, they will require very little maintenance aside from a good cleaning now and then.

2. Better Insulation

Most older homes contain single-paned windows - in other words, windows with only a single layer of glass in them. For hundreds of years, such windows were the status quo. Yet, nowadays, you would have to look long and hard to find new homes constructed with single-paned windows. The reason has everything to do with insulation and efficiency.
A double-paned window consists of two panes of glass separated by a thin pocket of air. This air acts to boost the window's resistance to heat transfer. The potential gains can be quite significant, with energy reductions of up to 24 percent in the winter and 18 percent in the summer. Such savings means that the upgrade to double-paned windows will practically pay itself off as time goes on.

3. Higher Resale Value

You should also consider the positive effect that new windows will have on the financial value of your home when the time comes to sell. Prospective buyers will often pass on homes with older windows, knowing that they will have to replace them themselves at some point. If you are proactive about making this upgrade yourself, your home may sell more quickly.
Not only that, but you'll also be able to recoup almost the entire cost of new windows when the time comes to sell. The return on investment value of new windows sits right around 85 percent. That means, by spending $10,000 on new windows now, you'll be able to increase the asking price of your home by approximately $8,500 when the time comes to sell.

Window Experts

Upgrading the windows in your home can make a world of difference both now and later. If you would like professional guidance in upgrading your home's windows, please don't hesitate to call the window pros at Bi-State Window & Door Inc. 

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